Amidst the urban crowd, and the cluttering traffic, you’d find several family restaurants in Pune, but seldom would you find something that’s as soothing, peaceful, and as romantic as Sunny’s World’s hilltop restaurant! Not far away from Pune’s city sprawl, but yet located amidst the southern lush green mountains joining the city, Sunny’s World restaurants are the most romantic, and the best restaurants in Pune for a candlelight dinner.

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Complementing the great weather and the cool breeze, Sunny’s World’s top 10 restaurants in Pune offer the best of exotic as well as Indian cuisine. At Sunny’s World, we host three absolutely great family restaurants, The Ruby Hilltop Restaurant, and the soon to be launched The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant, and The Shiva Lingam Pure Veg Restaurant, wherein you can dine, and have a great time with your family.


Sunny’s World is one of the best places for dinner in Pune! Besides Ruby Hilltop, we are soon going to launch two more restaurants including the Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant and The Shiva Lingam Pure Veg Restaurant, with even more choices for our clients, and thus even more excitement.

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